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Interested in VaporBrands International Wholesale Distribution? What are you waiting for?


“We have increased conviction that consumption of e-cigs could surpass consumption of conventional cigs within the next decade.”

Bonnie Herzog
Analyst Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo Securities

$2 billion had been spent on e-cigarettes globally in 2011, stating that the industry has seen “booming growth” in just a few years.


VaporBrands International, Inc. intends to position itself as the leader in Electronic Cigarettes and the face of an alternative to tobacco products worldwide

Benefits Over Traditional Cigarettes

  • No Ash, no smell
  • No tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • Smoke in many places where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed!
  • Over 50% cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes
  • No one can “borrow” a cigarette from you any more
  • Savings of approximately $1,000.00 per year compared to the average tobacco user